Blog 3.0

Sooooooo it's been a while!

Since the original blog creation back in 2010, and the momentary hijack to the business blog, it seems I've come full circle back to a personal blog. But I'm hoping the passage of time will bring with it some wisdom, insight or a few merry moments so here's to a new and improved blog*, version 3.0.

If you've just landed here and are a bit confused - take some time to read the Welcome, About and FAQ pages.

In short, I have a few projects on the go. I knit and crochet, although this is at a much slower pace than in the past due to a 5 month long battle with RSI of the thumb joint. Take heed Knitters and Hookers - rest those working hands!

I dabble in drawing, handlettering and I am a fan of the bullet journal concept. I'm in the decluttering phase of becoming a minimalist and we are building a house (you can follow that journey on the dedicated blog called Building a Haven).

Simple savings and budget tips are great finds. Recipes that are easily adapted to avoid lactose are a personal favourite side project. Eating kettle chips and drinking Heathcote Shiraz is a fairly frequent occurance!

See, it's easy to start on that list and reach one thousand projects!

* If something is new (ie, has not existed previously) it can't be improved...